I was born on March 20, 1969 in Essen, Germany.


My parents Karla & Karl survived Second World War and in being afraid of the constant threats during the cold war, they decided to move to Brazil.


Initially we lived in Belo Horizonte as expats, but later on, working as a pilot, I moved to São Paulo.


Since I was a little boy, I always wanted to be a pilot and at the age of 23 with my parents help, I managed to get my commercial license. Unfortunately, as foreigner, I was not allowed to perform commercial flights with my Brazilian license and I had no other option at that then giving up my German nationality and becoming Brazilian.


I have two grown up daughters and I am married with Jeane whom you may see on some pictures and videos


Because of the unstable economical and security situation that Brazil is facing, in 2010 I decided to move abroad again to a place that we like a lot, but that I cannot mention due to contractual restriction with my actual employer. What I can tell you is that I am flying the Boeing 777 around the entire world.


Photography was always present in my life. My father was always passionate in this art and use to have his own photo lab at home. Unfortunately, he passed away in October 2014 as a result of an assault on his own house.


I am using a Canon 5D Mark IV, Canon 70D, Canon M5, Insta360 and a Go-Pro Hero 4, shooting digital photos and Videos. I try to avoid the use of post-production posting pictures as I shot them as often as possible. As well, I hope that one day I may be able to have my own dark room.

My uncle Herbert gave me his Canon EOS 500 film camera and know I'm experiencing a new old world of unknown results until the film was developed.   


I am the kind of person that always tries to fix the world.

That's why, when ever we can, we assist people and animals in need.


Therefore, I decided to create a YouTube channel where I show the places I go, to take my pictures.

With part of the money that comes out of this work, I will expand our help in these two charities.


This is I.


Thorsten Berg